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Caring for Those Who Can’t Care for Themselves

Nikki Ponder, Bob Speelman, Amanda Sandlin and Brooke Gill

October 18, 2022
NOTE: This was taken from the blog of Foundations Health Solutions leader Bob Speelman. Bob works closely and frequently communicates with our Foundations Health facilities. It is so inspiring to see how each care team embodies the vision of our founder and nursing home developer, Brian Colleran, to be "A Culture of Care."

Amanda, Brooke and Nikki where a team from Heaven.

They were all about their residents and making sure their needs were met. From the minute I met them, they were a team. The three of them are Nursing Assistants at Golden Years, our Nursing Center in Hamilton, Ohio. Each of them had their own story of how and why they became a Nursing Assistant, but all three said the same thing when I asked, “What is it about being a Nursing Assistant that you love?”

Amanda, Brooke and Nikki each said, “I love helping and caring for those who can’t care for themselves.”

It's moments like those that make me so proud to be in healthcare, particularly long-term care. We have some of the most loving and caring people in the world.

If you’re ever discouraged about society and where things are heading, spend a day at a Nursing Home with a Nursing Assistant, and your faith in society and humanity will quickly return.

"If we develop concern for other people's welfare, share other people's suffering, and help them, ultimately, we will benefit.

If we think only of ourselves and forget about others, ultimately, we will lose.

The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes."

Dalai Lama

Bob Speelman, STNA

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